Monday, April 5, 2010

Back to Warm Weather Hours!

We're back to being open on Mondays. We're hoping to stay open later one evening...still working on that. If you've got an evening that works better for you, please let us know!

MON: Noon - 6pm
TUE-FRI: 10:30am - 6pm
SAT: 10am - 4pm
SUN: Closed

Catrike Blue Jean Commute

Chad has logged almost 200 miles on the Catrike riding back and forth to work.
This is what he says about the Catrike Road, "I can't remember having so much fun on a bike! Here are a few cool things I've learned about riding a Catrike":

  • Staying clipped in at stop lights is cool!
  • Motorists think you're a unique object and give you LOTS of room while passing
  • I can answer cell phone calls with no problem - and even carry on a conversation while sipping my water...all while keeping it on the road
  • I'm only about 1mph slower on the Catrike than on my road bike
  • It's fabulous to lay back and relax while coasting down hills
  • There is absolutely NO way to appreciate this type of trike without taking a serious test ride.
There is a Catrike available for test riding at SPIN - any time it's dry outside! Come take it for a whirl :)