Thursday, February 25, 2010

Demo Bike Special #2 - Bianchi Milano Cita 18" Black

The Milano Cita is a blast to ride. She's taken us on a handful of trips to the hardware, made a few lunch runs and and has seen both ends of the river trail a few times.
Fenders and a sturdy rack make this bike a perfect commuter, campus cruiser or recreational ride.
Light use has left her in exceptionally good health, very close to showroom condition in fact.

Regular price: $600.00
Demo Sale Price: $399.00

Demo Bike Sale #1 - Rans Hammer Truck

One lucky commuter will own this amazing Rans Hammer Truck.
This is a demo bike with very few miles.
The crank forward model has incredible versatility. Payload capacity is 300 lbs and the rider weight limit is 275 lbs for a total maximum capacity of 575 lbs.
In spite of the huge carrying capacity, the Hammer Truck provides a very efficient ride. It's perfect for cross town jaunts to the city market, fully loaded camp touring or anything in between.

Our Hammer Truck Demo bike is equipped with:
Runners: $30
Runner Covers: $80
Orange Sling Bags: $230
Topper Deck: $85
Regular retail as spec'd: $2420.00
Demo Bike Sale price: $1400.00

Spin's Early Season Checkover Special

We're running a limited quantity checkover special. Here are the details:
  • Only 30 checkovers will be sold at $45.00 (regular price $65.00).
  • Checkover must be booked by March 5th.
  • We will install any upgrades and accessories that you purchase from us for no additional labor charge.
  • This is a great opportunity to replace a chain or cassette, brake and derailleur wires, brake pads, tires and tubes, or have a new computer installed. How about fenders and a rack for the commuters out there?
  • Call the shop to reserve your checkover or to be placed on a short reserve list in case there are any cancellations.