Thursday, February 25, 2010

Demo Bike Sale #1 - Rans Hammer Truck

One lucky commuter will own this amazing Rans Hammer Truck.
This is a demo bike with very few miles.
The crank forward model has incredible versatility. Payload capacity is 300 lbs and the rider weight limit is 275 lbs for a total maximum capacity of 575 lbs.
In spite of the huge carrying capacity, the Hammer Truck provides a very efficient ride. It's perfect for cross town jaunts to the city market, fully loaded camp touring or anything in between.

Our Hammer Truck Demo bike is equipped with:
Runners: $30
Runner Covers: $80
Orange Sling Bags: $230
Topper Deck: $85
Regular retail as spec'd: $2420.00
Demo Bike Sale price: $1400.00

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