Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time for Fenders on the Cat

Raining earlier this morning... On my way out of the neighborhood on my recumbent trike on wet pavement, I noticed a light mist. I stopped to get my glasses and noticed the mist was gone. It wasn't raining a drop anymore. My tires were throwing up a light mist of worm guts, dirt and other choice ingredients, directly into my face. I think it's time for front fenders.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Continuing the Catrike Commute...

We've been a single car family all spring and summer. The Catrike has been a huge contributing factor. I've been splitting my commuting miles about 50/50 on my red Catrike Expedition and my road bike. The road bike is about 5 minutes faster over my 10 mile commute, but the Catrike is decidedly more fun. I'm approaching 1300 miles this season from commuting alone.
If you ever have any questions about commuting, from equipment to route planning to traffic strategy, please feel free to visit and bend my ear. I love to talk about the commute. In my opinion, riding to work is one of the best ways to stack miles on your bike... or trike.