Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Live Too Far Away to Commute

"I live too far away to commute."
We hear this excuse all too often at the shop.  Sorry to rain on your non-commuting parade.  No. You don't live too far away to commute.
Living "too far away" to commute is a blessing.  Put your bike on the car rack, drive to a point that you deem "not too far away to commute," then park and ride.
If you're feeling ambitious, today's commute might be a 15-miler.  Tomorrow's commute might be a 5-miler.  You choose.  Just choose to commute.


Harold Beer said...

This is a brilliant post, Chad. It's multi-modal, holistic, recognizing that the solution is likely more than just doing one thing. Yay, you!

Harry Seldon said...

I use to do this at Kensington Metro Park on the way home from Farmington Hills. Great way to end the day!